I've just had a phone call at home from someone claiming to be from Microsoft saying my computer is sending them constant error reports and they want to fix it.
When I asked them what Windows version I was using he kept avoiding the question until I insisted that if my computer was sending them error reports they must know which version of Windows I was running! Eventually he tried with Windows 7 however my computer is running Windows 8. I told him he was wrong and that I am a web developer and computer technician to which he hung up lol! The worrying thing is that he knew my name and address.

I don't know how he could have got my information but if you get the same phone call be assured that Microsoft would never call you! Tell them something stupid like you are a computer technician or even that you work for Microsoft UK and therefore know that Microsoft would never solicit customers like this and that you know this is a scam!

More information about this scam can be found at


Friday, December 13, 2013

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